Y. Clare Zhang Practice in Oriental Medicine is committed to providing the highest-quality, full-spectrum care in integrative Chinese medicine to the greater Tucson area. Our services include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tui Na massage, nutritional counseling and pharmacological consultation.

With Dr. Zhang's extensive training in biomedical science and Chinese medicine, we strive to combine Western and Chinese medicine for the optimal benefit of our patients.

Our goal is to help you restore, maintain and enjoy health. Our approach is holistic, integrative and individualized. We look forward to helping you achieve a life of health and balance.

People we've helped

"My quality of life has improved beyond anything I thought would result from these ancient eastern regimens. Most notable, is the overall relief I now have from digestive issues and chronic bladder problems. Response to acupuncture and herbals made unbelievable improvements."
Jean, Cape Cod and Tucson

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